About Karvol

Karvol offers natural, gentle and effective relief from everyday health related problems i.e. blocked noses, sinusitis and cough & cold symptoms. Karvol’s vision is to become Mom’s brand of choice when it comes to blocked noses, sinusitis and cough & cold symptoms that occur all year round. Karvol is available in a range of products from capsules to gels – so that Mom can choose a product that is right for her family.


Karvol has been caring for families for over 40 years and is still Mom’s choice for blocked noses, sinusitis and cough & cold symptoms. Karvol also offers vapour gel, cradle cap cream & arnica gel to assist Mom’s with everyday challenges that she faces.



That Karvol is registered with Medicines Control Council with tests done to ensure that it delivers on the claims and promises that it makes.

Our Products

The Karvol range consists of Decongestant Inhalation Capsules 10’s, Chest Rub 50g and Room Spray 125ml. The products are gentle and easy to use.

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